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Summer 2007

Summer Reading 08-31-07

» (Scheduled for the week I was gone, but my site exploded while I was gone. Here it is two weeks late.) This weekend is officially the end of summer. If you're planning a long, lazy weekend, pop over to your local bookseller for one of the recommendations here and notch another title into your summer reading list.

Young people:

  [ 09/07/07 ]

Summer Reading: 08-09-07

» Can you believe the Summer Reading Lists are still coming?

College Students:

Young people:

  [ 08/09/07 ]

Summer Reading 07-27-07

» This week's roundup of 2007 summer reading.

Young people:

 (3) Comments  / [ 07/27/07 ]

Summer Reading: 07-23-07

» Summer Reading lists for this week:

Young people:

  [ 07/23/07 ]

Summer Reading: 07-20-07

» Another installment of recommended summer reading:

  [ 07/20/07 ]

Summer Reading: 07-17-07

» I've got a 2-week backlog. So as not to overwhelm you with the whole thing at once, here's a modest installment of the latest summer reading lists:

  [ 07/17/07 ]

His Majesty's Dragon

» Well, doesn't this sound fun: His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik. And according to the fine folks at the Williamsburg Regional Library, film director Peter Jackson has bought the rights to it.

I thought about ordering it from the library, but then it occurred to me that I have yet to read the book the upcoming Harry Potter film is based on—I try to stay just one ahead. Upon looking at the cover, though, now I think I did read it. So, now that I'm caught up, I need to decide whether to keep on as I have been, or to quickly read The Half-Blood Prince so that I can read the final book of the series when it comes out. That moment won't happen ever again.

By the way, if you're looking for a steady source of book recommendations, the Williamsburg Regional Library blog Blogging for a Good Book offers about one a day. (1) Comments  / [ 06/27/07 ]

Summer Reading 06-25-07

» This week's roundup of 2007 summer reading.

College Students:

Young people:

 (1) Comments  / [ 06/25/07 ]

Summer Reading 06-19-07

» Summer reading for this week:

  [ 06/19/07 ]

British Women's Novels, 1775-1818

» British Women's Novels: A Reading List, 1775-1818  [ 06/18/07 ]

History of Western Science Reading List

» The History of Science Society Reading the History of Western Science  [ 06/13/07 ]

Book reviews on baking, by bakers

» Here's a find: Reviews of books on baking by amateur bakers. That's terrific summer reading for some of us.  [ 06/13/07 ]

Summer Reading 06-12-07

» This week's summer reading roundup:

For kids and young adults

  [ 06/12/07 ]

Rutgers Reading List

» "The reading list below was composed several years ago by a professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey for the use of his own students. It was then passed along by Rutgers undergraduates to friends at other schools, and has subsequently been circulated among students at a number of colleges and universities as 'the Rutgers reading list."  [ 06/07/07 ]

2007 Summer Reading: 06/05

» The summer reading lists are coming fast and furious now. Here's a roundup of the most recent lists I could find:

  [ 06/05/07 ]

The Shyness Reading List

» The Shyness Reading List [ 06/04/07 ]

More Summer Reading

» More Summer Reading:

  [ 05/31/07 ]

Talk of the Nation 2007 Summer Reading List

» NPR: What to Read This Summer. Suggestions from Salon book critic Laura Miller, blogger Maud Newton, and author ZZ Packer [ 05/30/07 ]

Summer Book List Additions

» Two book lists from NPR: Summer Books from Utah's Remote Librarian and Under the Radar: Books Not to Miss.   [ 05/29/07 ]

Greenopia Guide to the Best Sustainability Books

» Not technically a summer reading list, but I'm categorizing it as such anyway. The Greenopia guide to the best green reads is a full summer's reading for those of you with an interest in this subject.  [ 05/25/07 ]

More Summer Reading 2007

» It's not yet Memorial Day, but the summer reading lists are starting to appear.

For adults:

For children:

For everyone:

If you don't already have one, now is a great time to get a library card. If you have one, now is a great time to put it in your wallet.  [ 05/16/07 ]

Summer Reading 2007

» It's only April, but Publisher's Weekly has already posted their list of hot books for summer. And from it, I'm excited to learn that William Gibson has a book coming out this year! (via wl(1) Comments  / [ 04/11/07 ]



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