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Reading Lists

Summer Reading 2011

» As you know, the last few years I've maintained an ongoing collection of Summer Reading Lists through the season. This year my schedule simply won't accommodate that expediture of time. Rejoice, however! The Reader's Advisor Online keeps a list of recommended reading throughout the year (scroll through the entry until you get to the section "Lists"). Check in every Monday to see the latest hotness in the literary world. To get you started, here's their Memorial Day entry(0) Comments  / [ 06/01/11 ]

Summer Reading - 09/05/10

» This week: Otherworld literature, books for adventurous girls, and what to read for the rest of the year.

NPR: Ricks' Picks: Best Books About War In Iraq
NPR: Three Books For The Self-Help Skeptic
Guardian UK: Otherworld literature: From total believers to complete sceptics, the author of Mirage Men selects books that are 'informative, entertaining, puzzling or all three at once'
Guardian UK: Ten of the best religious zealots in literature

Children and Young Adults:
PBS: Series Books Featuring Adventurous Girls
PBS: Booklights: Thirty Summer Books, Tot to Tween

And for the Rest of the Year:
NY Magazine: The Twenty Our most anticipated fiction and nonfiction of fall
Guardian UK: David Grossman and the new publishing season: In this week's podcast we take a look at the new publishing season and open the betting on who this year's Christmas bestsellers will be

Thus endeth Summer Reading 2010.  [ 09/06/10 ]

Summer Reading - 08/30/10

» This week: The top 100 thrillers, Fantasy and Science writing award winners, spy novels by real spies, and 6 books to read after you finish Mockingjay.

CSM: Five books to read after checking the egg recall list: Here are five books that help to place the egg recall in context
NPR: Top 100 Killer Thrillers: Your picks for the most pulse-quickening, suspenseful novels ever written
NPR: Tina Brown's Must-Reads: Stories Of Survival
NPR: Three Books For Surviving Graduate School
Guardian: The Books That Made Me: Penelope Lively
Guardian: Ten of the best railway journeys
Seattle Times: Spy novels by real spies
Shelftalk: Solidarity Forever! Celebrating Seattle's Workers and Labor History
Food & Think: A Summer Reading List for Food Lovers
Locus: 2009 World Fantasy Awards Nominees
The Royal Society: Prize for Science Books 2010 shortlist
Guardian: Guardian first book award longlist ranges around the world

Children and Young Adults:
6 Flashlight Worthy Children's Books to Read After You Finish Mockingjay
  [ 08/30/10 ]

Summer Reading - 08/23/10

» This week: Nonfiction for the summer's end, astronomy-themed books, a thriller roundup, and the most wicked uncles in literature. Plus: Business book of the year longlist and the Thurber Awards.

CSM: Beyond flooding and fundamentalism: best books about Pakistan Which books best deliver Pakistan behind the headlines?
CSM: 5 great books about obscure presidents: The lives of our worst presidents make surprisingly good reading.
NPR: Back To Reality: Nonfiction For The Summer's End
Guardian UK: Star attractions: From Copernicus's struggles to tales of mad space exploration projects and the enduring mystery of black holes, the author of The Big Questions picks the best reads about 'this most noble of sciences'
Guardian UK: Crime fiction roundup
Guardian UK: Ten of the best wicked uncles in literature
Guardian UK: Summer Fiction Special: five established writers, plus the winner of our short-story competition and five runners up
Guardian UK: John O'Connell's thriller roundup
Guardian UK: Audiobook review roundup
Tufts University Faculty and Staff: Recommended Reading
Tufts University Faculty and Staff: Books for the Dog Days
Shelftalk: Nightstand Reads: Debut novelist Laurie Frankel shares her summer reading
Pittsylvania County Library Blog: Beach Reads
Reader's Advisor: Under the Radar: Music Makes the Difference
Urbanite: Summer Reading
jen michalski: A Shower of Summer Books
2010 Shamus Award nominations
2010 Business Book of the Year Longlist
2010 Thurber Prize Finalists

Children and Young Adults:
Shelftalk: Come on, try this at home! Fun science titles for kids
  [ 08/23/10 ]

Summer Reading - 08/15/10

» This week: romance award winners, classic works of gay literature, 50 best cookbooks, historical true crime, and books that change childrens' lives.

NPR: Three Books To Take You On That Long, Strange Trip
NPR: Literary Destinations: Five Books To Help You Escape
Christian Science Monitor: Top 5 historical true-crime books of the last decade
Christian Science Monitor: Five books that deliver life - with the boring parts edited out
Los Angeles Times: 20 classic works of gay literature
Guardian UK: Observer Food Monthly (very Anglo-centric) 50 best cookbooks: With Bold Knife and Fork (11-50) and the Top 10
USA Today: 'The Tower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise' captivates booksellers "It's a front-runner for my most beloved book of the fall. The only difficulty I had was deciding which character I loved the best." Karen Corvello, a buyer at R.J. Julia Booksellers in Madison, Conn
Newsweek: What You Need to Read Now
Slate: An alternate pre-college reading list
Kansas Center for the Book: Kansas Notable Books: 15 outstanding titles by Kansas authors or about Kansas.
Shelftalk: About Time: History of the Mind
Shelftalk: About Time: Ages of Empire
Reader's Advisor: Under the Radar: New Science Fiction You May Have Missed
Flashlight Worthy: Beach Reads (15 themed lists, including steampunk, culinary memoirs, and alternate history)
Flavorwire: Literature's 10 Best-Dressed Characters
2010 RITA and Golden Heart Award Winners

Children and Young Adults:
Susan Orleans' Twitter Feed: Books that change kids worlds
  [ 08/16/10 ]

Summer Reading - 08/09/10

» Lots of lists this week, from Nancy Pearl's Under the Radar picks, to the best graphic design books, to the best summer food books, to Neil Gaiman's recommendations for children.

NPR: Librarian Nancy Pearl Picks 'Under The Radar' Reads
NPR: Audience Picks: Top 100 'Killer Thrillers'
Guardian UK: Patrick Cramsie's top 10 graphic design books
Guardian UK: My favourite books on sport
Guardian UK: Ten of the best motorbikes in literature
Guardian UK: Science fiction roundup
Smithsonian: A Summer Reading List for Food Lovers
Nature: Vacation reading
Health Beat: Page-Turners: Summer Reading
Shelftalk: Monday, August 9, 1945: Part 2
Shelftalk: About Time: Hidden History
The Kitchn: Best Summer Food Books
Halifax Public Libraries The Reader: CBC Information Morning - Summer Books (part two)
Halifax Public Libraries The Reader: Fiction to try if you like....
Halifax Public Libraries The Reader: Books Into Film - Summer/Fall 2010
The Librarian Next Door: August's To-Read List
Hacker News: Summer Reading Recommendations
CyberMage: Formidable Female Protagonists in Science Fiction (help bring the list to 100)
RA for All: More Offbeat Summer Reading Ideas
How Stuff Works: 21 Best-Selling Books of All Time
2010 Dylan Thomas Longlist for any published writer in the English language under the age of thirty
The Crime Writers' Association's International Dagger Awards winner and shortlists (poke around)
Amazon: Editor's Top Ten
Amazon: Best Fiction of 2010... So Far
Amazon: Best Nonfiction of 2010... So Far

Children and Young Adults:
Guardian UK: Picture books for young children: there's a buzz about the place
Guardian UK: Summer books for older children: runners and riders
Guardian UK: Summer reading for teenagers: darkness, danger and charity shops
Barnes and Noble: Neil Gaiman recommends 3 children's books
Shelftalk: New twists on old tales
Halifax Public Libraries The Reader: Orphans : Family Reading - Family Reading: Ages 8+ (Children's books that adults will love too!) Your Daily Thread: Green Reads For Kids of All Ages's Top Ten Summer Books
Amazon: Best Books of 2010... So Far for Kids and Teens
  [ 08/09/10 ]

Summer Reading - 08/2/10

» This week's summer reading installment features the 10 best dragons in literature, classics for kids, fresh voices in Science Fiction, and the Booker Longlist.

NPR: One Nightstand, Six Affairs: Novels Of Illicit Love
North Country Public Radio: Readers & Writers 2010 Summer Reading List
Seattle Times: Fresh voices in science fiction: Karen Lord, Eleanor Arnason and Amelia Beamer In the field of science fiction, small independent presses are willing to take chances
Guardian: Bike blog summer reading list
Guardian: John Mullan on 10 of the best fire-breathing, treasure-guarding - or tattoed - dragons in literature
Guardian: Steven Poole on science, pseudo-science and perception
Guardian: Catherine Taylor's choice of first novels
The Nation: Nation Readers' Summer Books
Pop Matters: When Trends Survive: 5 Trends That Have Made the Leap to Subgenre Status
Paste: Eight Literary Works That Deserve a Graphic-Novel Treatment
Shelftalk: About Time: The Big Picture
Shelftalk: Monday, August 6, 1945: Part 1
Reader's Advisor: Under the Radar: National Golf Month (F and NF)
Reader's Advisor: Under the Radar: New Environmental NF You May Have Missed
Suite 101: Top 10 Summer Romances of 2010
Man Booker 2010 Longlist
Carnegie Library: Summer Reading Suggestions
Daily Beast: 6 Great Summer Beach Reads

Children and Young Adults:
National Endowment for the Humanities: Summertime Favorites: classic literature for young people from kindergarten through high school
Carnegie Library: Summer Reading for Kids Infants through 5th Grade
Carnegie Library: Teen Summer Reading
PBS: Booklights: Thursday THIRTY: Summer Books, Tot to Tween
Guardian: Summer reading for children
Shelftalk: Children's Classics from the 1970s Summer Reading List for Grades K-12, and Historical Fiction for all ages
  [ 08/02/10 ]

Summer Reading - 07/26/10

» This week's summer reading installment features medical graphic novels, the best nameless protagonists, and a thrillers roundup.

NPR: Fun In The Sun: Laugh-Out-Loud Summer Books
NPR: A London Cabbie's Summer Reading Picks
Guardian: Cian O'Luanaigh: My favourite medical graphic novels (and a blogpost introducing the genre)
Guardian: Greg Baxter's top 10 memento mori - fearless autobiographical writers
Guardian: Which books are on your summer holiday reading list?
Guardian: Ten of the best nameless protagonists in literature
Guardian: Thrillers roundup
More Magazine: The Top 100 Books Every Woman Should Read Part I: The Classics
More Magazine: Summer Books You'll Remember
More Magazine: 7 Summer Cookbooks
More Magazine: 11 Top Celeb Cookbooks: Editors' Picks
More Magazine: Into the Wild
More Magazine: 23 Scandal-Filled Summer Reads
Shelftalk: About Time: Dark Days and Deeds
Reader's Advisor: Under the Radar: New Fantasy Books You May Have Missed
2009 Shirley Jackson Awards Winner (announced July 11th 2010)
Daily Beast: James P. Othmer: 6 Great Novels on Work

Children and Young Adults:
Shelftalk: Princess Books for Little Girls
  [ 07/26/10 ]

Summer Reading - 07/19/10

» This week's summer reading installment includes monster hits, Stephen Kings must-reads, lots of awards shortists, and books for SF fans

NPR: Zombies And Giant Squid: Summer's Monster Hits!
NPR: Beakers To Beaches: Summer's Best Science Books
EW: Stephen King: 6 Must-Reads for Summer
EW: Lost: The Essential Reading list
Guardian: Michael Stanley's top 10 African crime novel
Guardian: The 10 best credit crunch books
WGBH:Greater Boston Summer Books 2010
The Reader's Advisor: Under the Radar: Cool Reads for Hot Days
The Orange Prize for Fiction 2010 shortlist
2010 Christy Awards (Christian fiction)
2010 Canadian Authors Association Literary Awards
RUSA Notable Books Council: The 2010 Selection of Titles (25 very good, very readable and at times very important fiction, nonfiction and poetry books for the adult reader)
Shelfari: Mark Charon Newton: Science Fiction and Fantasy books every Mainstream fan should read, and Mainstream books every Science Fiction and Fantasy fan should read
Grasping for the Wind: 12 Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels and Stories of Americana
2010 Hugo and Campbell Awards Nominees (Science Fiction)
2010 Locus Award Winners (Science Fiction and Fantasy)
2010 Mythopoeic Awards (Fantasy)
2010 Arthur C. Clarke Award Shortlist (Science Fiction Literature)
2010 Compton Crook/Stephen Tall Award Nominees (Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror novels by a single author)
Kotaku: 2010 Summer Reading List
Rapsheet: 100 Books you have to read
io9: The best science fiction and fantasy books for summer escapism
World News: Summer reading: 'coalition books' two books - unlikely bedfellows or easy companions recommended by British writers and politicians

Children and Young Adults:
2010 Guardian children's fiction prize longlist
Bookpage: Top 10 Best Books for Baby
Charlotte Mecklenburg Library: Suggestions of great summer reading books for children
Barnes & Noble Teen Beach Reads
  [ 07/16/10 ]

Summer Reading - 07/12/10

» This week: 25 best books for kids, 5 apocalypses for adults, and a lesbian summer reading list.

NPR: Comfort Books: Three Soothing Summer Reads
MSNBC: Have fun reading in the summer sun: Try great book recommendations from these three authors
Good Morning America: Top Book Picks for Great Summer Reading from 'Good Morning America'>
Monterey Conty Herald: Books to transport you on your days of leisure
Columbia Journalism Review: Regret the Error's Summer Reading List Lesbian Summer Reading List 2010
The Millions Five Apocalypses: A Particularly Catastrophic Summer Reading List
The Humble Blog: Recommended Summer Reading (books on home remodeling)

Young Readers:
Family Fun: The 25 Best Summer Books for Kids
PKids Blog: 5 Summer Books for Strong Daughters
  [ 07/12/10 ]

Summer Reading - 07/05/10

» This week: the best of the most popular, the top 10 women travelers in fiction, suggestions for teens and tweens, and JP Morgan's annual Billionaire reading list.

NPR: Wisdom of the Crowds: Notables most deserving of a second splash of attention
Guardian UK: Jennie Rooney's top 10 women travellers in fiction
World News: The best summer books: from fishing to finance
JP Morgan: 9th Annual Summer Reading List
Real Simple: Top authors pick best summer books
University of Texas at Austin: Faculty and staff recommend books to expand your horizons, wherever the summer takes you
Kojo Nnamdi Show: 2010 Summer This year's recommendations for the best summer reading from book editors, librarians and independent bookstore owners
Graphic Novel Reporter: The Hottest Graphic Novels of Summer 2010
Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance: 2010 Summer Okra Picks - great southern books, fresh off the vine
Shelftalk: About Time: Books about Discovering America
Beach Books: 10 Hot Summer Must-Reads

Young Readers:
Kidlitosphere: Carnival of Children's Literature (on almost any subject you can imagine)
USA Today: Pop Candy: Ten summer young-adult books you'll want to read, despite your age
On Point Radio: Summer Reads for Kids (with printed list)
Push to Talk: Summer Reads for Teens
Push to Talk: More Summer Reads for Teens
Push to Talk: Four on a Theme
  [ 07/05/10 ]

Summer Reading - 06/28/10

» This week's summer reading installment includes suggestions for progressive Christians, authors' recommendations, and lots of books for kids and tweens.

Today: Have fun reading in the summer sun: Try great book recommendations from these three authors
Relevant Magazine: Top 10 Summer Books
Huffington Post: Nina Sankovitch: What I am Reading This Summer and Why

Children and Young Adults:
ABC News: Summer Reading: The Best Books for Your Kids
Salon: Best fantasy books for children A summer reading list that will let your kid explore the magical realm (and you may even want to come along too)
Shelflife: Children's novels: Summer adventures away from home
BrightHub: Reading lists for Elementary Students in the Summer
BrightHub: Books for Summer
Our Big Earth: Must-Haves for Your Tween's Summer Reading List
Huffington Post: Pam Allyn: Summer Reading: A Midsummer Night's Read
  [ 06/28/10 ]

Summer Reading - 06/21/10

» This week's summer reading installment includes books on finance, crime novels, sci-fi, recommendations from the women of Forbes, and some scary books for kids.

NPR: Top Reads: Summer Heat Sparks Rise In Crime Novels
NPR: Summer Books That Make The Critics' Cut
Houston Chronicle: It's summer reading time, so get crackin' - a book, that is
Portland Tribune: Sports books: My suggested summer reading
WSJ Blogs Financial Adviser: Nine Books to Read This Summer (Plus My Own)
National Post: Summer Reading: Some reminders that life is awesome Travel around the world through summer's best beach books
Elle: Top 10 Summer Books for 2010
Forbes: The Absolute Best Books For Summer: Members of the ForbesWoman community tell us which books will make their summer reading lists and why
Kevin Hatch: Scifi for Summer Reading
S. Krishna's Books: Summer Reading List

Children and Young Adults:
Salon: 10 great "grownup" books for kids A summer reading list of adult literature suitable for middle school readers
Bright Hub: Summer Books that are Haunted!!
  [ 06/21/10 ]

Summer Reading - 06/08/10

» This week's installment includes thrillers, business books, and writer's favorites from summers past. Adults:
NPR: Summer Titles That Will Transport You Into The Past
NPR: Booksellers' Picks: 15 Soaring Summer Reads
Salon: Your guide to nail-biting summer reads
Salon: Your guiltiest summer reading pleasures
New York Books: If You Liked My Book, You'll Love These: Six writers on their favorite reading, genre by genre
USA Today: Roundup: Mysteries, thrillers to chill you this summer
NYTimes: Summer Shares: Eight writers tell us what they have read on their summer vacations.
LA Times: Summer reading: 60 titles for 92 days
Seattle PI: The Early Word Swimsuit Edition: New Summer Reading, Week of June 1, 2010
New York Post: Summer beach book preview
Publisher's Weekly: 'PW' Staff Picks 2010
Time: Summer Book Picks Books WEEK OF JUN 7 - JUN 13
The Root: Summer Reading: Best of the Beltway
The 100 Best Business Books of All Time [Cool Tools recommendation]
  [ 06/08/10 ]

2010 Summer Reading List

» Happy Summer, and welcome to the inaugural 2010 Summer Reading List of Lists. Check the Pocket once a week for updates, or just bookmark the 2010 Summer Reading List and refer back when your bookshelf runs dry.

Journal of Opinion, 1934: Good Books That Almost Nobody Has Read
USA Today: Hot summer books: Titles worth reading in every genre
USA Today Summer Books Calendar
NYT: Beach-Chair-Worthy Books
WSJ: Summer's Best Reads
WSJ: Great Expectations Sixteen reads the book world is betting on, from literary debuts to scientific adventures
NPR: Sizzling Summer Picks From Indie Booksellers
CSM: Summer 2010 reading guide
CSM: 5 mysteries that sizzle make cool summer reading
CSM: 8 (smart) books for the beach
CSM: 10 great books for Father's Day
CSM: 5 gripping real-life adventure stories
LA Times: 'Lost' reading list: the show's creators discuss literary influences, from Stephen King to Flannery O'Connor
The Arizona Republic: Summer Books: Fiction
BusinessWeek: Business School Summer Reading Lists 2010
St. Louis Post Dispatch: Summer books: Hornets, vampires, terrorists are coming by
Lincoln Journal Star: Summer reads: Books to keep you reading all summer long
Bloomberg: Top 50 Business Books, 'Animal Spirits' to 'What the Dog Saw'
Newsday: Beachy keen: 10 hot new summer books
O Magazine: 10 Books to Read Right Now
Entertainment Weekly: 18 Books We Can't Wait to Read This Summer
Details: Your Essential Summer Reading List
Westchester Magazine: Summer Reading
2010 James Beard Foundation Media and Book Award Winners
2010 Edgar Nominees
Agatha Award Winners
2010 Caine Prize for African Writing Shortlist
Library Journal: Short Takes: Summer Men's Fiction
Library Journal: Short Takes: Summer Women's Fiction
Top 10 Welsh underground novels
Desert Island Books (ones that actually take place on a desert island)
Arabic Writer's Union: The Best 100 Arabic Books
The Best True Crime Books
National One Book+One Parish+One Summer 2010 Begins
Summer Reading Ideas: Victorian Literature and the Novel

Children and Young Adults:
Los Angeles Times, April 3, 1960: "200 Great Books for Young Americans," ages 14 to 18
The Summer 2010 Children's Indie Next List
Guardian UK: The best children's books ever
CSM: 5 books for kids of all ages
St. Louis Post Dispatch: Reading for a Summer of Fun
Salon: Your daughters' summer vacation reading list Ages 4-12
The Statesman: Children's books: Summer titles for every age
Arizona Daily Sun: Summer reading: All in the family
The E.B. White Read Aloud Awards
Writers Against Racism: Ira Socol's DIVERSE Summer Reading List (secondary level) Top 10 Summer Reading Lists For Kids and Teens: 2010 (scroll past the ads to get to the bulk of the list)
Summer reading for antsy little boys
Summer Reading: 52 Picks for the Hols (Bonus: adult titles, too!)
  [ 06/02/10 ]

November reading recommendations

» From the American Bookseller's Association, 10 years of indie recommendations for November reading. (via ra [ 11/04/09 ]

Summer Reading 2009 - 09/14/09

» Our final Summer 2009 reading update includes some last minute suggestions for those who want to extend their summer, and a bonus preview of an unprecedented fall reading season.
For Adults:
USA Today: President's reading list a hefty one
The Witchita Eagle: Corporate America's summer reading
NPR: Cold Cases: Icy Books Offer Relief From The Heat
Guardian: 2009 First Book Award Longlist North Carolina fiction provides good summer reading
Massachusetts Historical Society: John Quincy Adams' Shipboard Reading List: August. Who knew JQA has a Twitter account?
World Tea News: Tea Books
Culture Industry: Reading List for creative writers
Talking Union: Summer reading suggestions
Extremely Graphic: Back to Work/End of Summer Reading
Pastor Brett: Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading System
Think Laugh Weep Worship: Fall 2009 Reading List

Children and Young Adults:
Lemondrop: Your Back-to-School Reading List
GreenBeanTeenQueen: My Children's Lit Reading List Lots of suggestions from a Tween and Teen librarian

NPR: Fall Books Readers Will Be Buzzing About
NY Observer: Hey, Look at All These Novels to Read!

I have never seen another year like this. I can hardly bear to think about fall's books, it's like looking bare-eyed into the sun. -- Sarah McNally, owner of the popular Soho bookstore McNally Jackson.

(thanks, Molly!)   [ 09/14/09 ]

Summer Reading 2009 - 08/27/09

» This week's update includes Nancy Pearl's recommended mysteries, books on food and computer code, and late summer reading for kids.
For Adults:
NPR: Mysteries You Might Have Missed Along the Way recommended by Nancy Pearl
The Malta Independent Online: Summer reading
Spectator: Summer Reading List
Culinate: August food books Delicious reading
Techdirt: Book Reading List 2009
Code Climber: 11 books for a .NET Summer reading list
Shelf Talk: School Days: These adult novels take you back

Children and Young Adults:
Oprah: What is First Lady Michelle Obama reading with her daughters?
School Library Journal: Swim Team
Reader's Advisor: Under the Radar: Not Your Traditional Back-To-School Late-summer suggestions for kids' reading

  [ 08/27/09 ]

Summer Reading 2009 - 08/17/09

» This week's update includes the Hugo awards and Thurber nominees, President Clinton's and Obama's recent reading, footnoted novels, and holiday-themed novels slated for the upcoming holiday season.
For Adults:
2009 Hugo Award winners
2009 Thurber Prize nominees including Ian Frazier's Lamentations of the Father, which still makes me laugh until I cry
WSJ: Private Equity Beat: A Summer Reading List
Daily Beast: President Obama's reading list since taking office
Los Angeles Times Books: What President Clinton has been reading lately
The Daily Beast: A Mad Men reading list read like Don Draper
Seattle Public Library: Staff Favorites
Nightstand Reading: Seattle novelist Heather Barbieri's late summer reading
The Reader's Advisor: Footnoted Novels
Socialist Worker: Summer reading for activists
Bibliophile By the Sea: New seasonally-themed books for the 2009 winter! holiday season
A Reading Recruiter: A Reading List to Build your Work Life Skills

Children and Young Adults:
NPR: A Classic List Of Must-Read Children's Books
NYT: Summer Reading Chronicle For kids who are ahead of the game and have finished their Harry Potters, Hobbits and other classics of summer reading lists, here are three recent novels they could polish off for fun before school begins
Seattle Public Library: Going to School for the First Time

Bonus: How the Amazon bestseller list works (and which marketing has the strongest effect)
  [ 08/17/09 ]

Summer Reading 2009 - 08/10/09

» This week's update includes time travel, military history, the Man Asian Literary Longlist, crime, fantasy, and books for dudes.
For Adults:
U.S. Army Center of Military History: Recommended Professional Reading List
BBC: The Big Read Top 100 (this is the source for the list that's been going around Facebook; I've read 43 of them)
The Economist: Summer reading (Eastern Europe)
The Guardian: Linda Buckley-Archer's top 10 time-travelling stories
The Daily Beast: Dog Day Reading List
Seattle Public Library: Icy Cold Reads
2009 Man Asian Literary Prize: Longlist
ABA: The September Indie Next Great Reads
Library Journal: Books for Dudes: Dog Day Bildungsromans
The Reader's Advisor: Best Reviewed Crime Fiction of the Past Ten Years
Politico: Expert suggestions for summer reading Recommendations for reading on The Middle East, Energy, Economic History, and American political History
Central Crime Zone: The 2009 Crimespree Awards
World Fantasy Convention: 2009 World Fantasy Awards
Awakening Grace: An Online Puritan Reading List Summer Reading - Top 10 books that you should drop everything to read now...
Comic Book Resources: Friday's Beach Reading
New Age Comics with Andrenn: Summer Reading
Roll Away the Dew: Summer Reading list for Non-traditional MBAs

Children and Young Adults:
Seattle Public Library: Even More Summer Staff Favorites for Children

Bonus: Newsweek: Death Becomes Them "Literary" authors are writing noir - but they're often not that good. So who should you read instead?

Writers such as James Ellroy, Richard Price, Dennis Lehane, Donald Westlake, Walter Mosley, Laura Lippman, James Sallis, Megan Abbott, and George Pelecanos have managed to infuse crime novels with a quality of writing not seen since the days of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and James M. Cain.

I really dislike the "serious" artist's snobbishness toward genre. I've seen this from authors and actors both, and all it tells me is that they aren't familiar with the form - or are too concerned with their imagined status to learn.  [ 08/10/09 ]

Summer Reading 2009 - 08/03/09

» This week's update includes the 100 best beach books ever, essential reading for armed services members, nautical pioneers, and the 2009 Booker Longlist.
For Adults:
NPR: Audience Picks: 100 Best Beach Books Ever
Nature: A break from the bench Summer reading recommendations
Navy Times: House Armed Services Committee chairman Ike Skelton's 2009 List of 50 Essential Books [Word doc] (a supplement to his 2003 Reading List [Word doc]). Recommended for military officers, noncommissioned and petty officers, and all Congressional members
TimesOnline: MP's picks for summer holiday reading
The Man Booker Prize 2009 Longlist
Seattle Public Library: Explore your Inner Captain: Great Reads about Nautical Pioneers
AIGA: Designed for Summer Reading
GOOP: Summer Reading Suggestions
The Daily Beast: Last-chance summer books
JTA: Summer reading and the Holocaust
Cheeky Fresh: Summer Reading List For Millennials
Male Rights Network: A Masculinist Reading List
Kenneth C. Davis: A Historian's Revolting July 4 Reading List

Children and Young Adults:
Seattle Public Library: More Summer Staff Favorites for Children: Historical Fiction

Bonus: Reliable resources for choosing book club books

  [ 08/03/09 ]

Summer Reading 2009 - 07/27/09

» This week's update includes recommendations for outdooorsmen, science buffs, romance readers, lots of lists for children, the best genre writer you've never heard of, and Issac Newton's real-life stint as a private investigator.
For Adults:
NPR: Stranger Than Fiction: Summer Science Books including Newton and the Counterfeiter
Warwick Beacon: GreenSource: Summer Reading recommendations for gardeners
Rome News Tribune: Hot Summer Reads Summer reading for the outdoorsman
City University: Investigative Journalism Reading List
Israel Policy Forum: Summer Reading on the Peace Process
The RITA awards Annual romance awards
Library Journal: Summer Reading - Historic Romances - Five summer sizzlers
2009 Mythopoeic Award Winners outstanding works in the fields of myth, fantasy, and the scholarly study of these areas
American Bookseller's Association: The Indie Travel Literature Bestseller List
Reader's Advisor: Perspective Flip - Classics from Another Point of View
Kenneth C. Davis: Slavery, Abolition, Rebellion: A Reading List
JP Morgan: The 10th Annual Summer Reading List
PETA: The Essential Vegetarian Reading List

Children and Young Adults:
Seattle Public Library: More Summer Staff Favorites for Children: Fantasy Chapter Books
Dragonfly Book Reviews: Reading Challenge and Reading List
Texas Library Association: 2X2 Reading Lists Age 2 to Grade 2
Texas Library Association: Texas Bluebonnet Award (Grades 3 - 6) 2009-2010 Master List and previous master lists
Texas Library Association: Tayshas High School Reading Lists
Massachusetts Children's Book Award: 2009-2010 list

Bonus: NY Times Magazine: The Genre Artist "Jack Vance is the most painful case of all the writers I love who I feel don't get the credit they deserve. If 'The Last Castle' or 'The Dragon Masters' had the name Italo Calvino on it, or just a foreign name, it would be received as a profound meditation, but because he's Jack Vance and published in Amazing Whatever, there's this insurmountable barrier." - Michael Chabon   [ 07/27/09 ]

Summer Reading 2009 - 07/20/09

» This week's update includes recommendations for thoughtful Mormons and atheists, job hunting, cool hunting, and award winners from science to fantasy.
For Adults:
Christian Science Monitor: Summer reading list Jeffery Deaver's top 10 computer novels EM Forster to William Gibson
Mail Online: The ultimate holiday reading list
NPR: Three Books: Radio Reads: Books Capture The Essence Of The Dial
Businessweek: Innovation Summer Reading List
LA Times: 61 essential postmodern reads: an annotated list
Library 35 Going on 13: Fantasy Land recommendations for lovers of fantastic or speculative fiction
Toronto Sun: Savoury summer reading Summer 2009 cookbooks
60 Years of the National Book Awards: 77 Fiction Winners
Great Lakes Book Awards: 2009 finalists honoring books with a Great Lakes theme or setting or written by an author living in the region
Royal Society Prize: Science Books shortlist
2009 Locus Award Winners science fiction and fantasy
2008 Shirley Jackson Awards Winners (announced July 12, 2009) for outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic
Amazon: Best Books of far
Beach reading for Tory bookworms Conservative MP Keith Simpson's holiday reading list for his Tory colleagues
Seattle Library Readers share their suggestions for Summer Reading
GoodReads: 2009 Summer Reading List as voted by members Books for Your Job Search Summer Reading List
Kevin Stilley: Eight Summer Reading "Mini" Book Reviews
Cool Hunting Summer 2009 Reading List
Sitz im Leben: Historical Jesus Reading List
Mormon Times: A summer reading list for the thoughtful Mormon reader
77 Favourite Atheist Reads

Children and Young Adults:
Seattle Public Library: More Summer Staff Favorites for Children: Picture Books
Lancaster Eagle-Gazette: Book series, classics top youngsters' summer reading lists
The Philadelphia Inquirer: Summer reading for young adults
Celsias: Summer Reading List for Eco-Kids

Bonus Link: NPR's 100 Best Beach Books Ever - Top 200 Finalists
  [ 07/20/09 ]

Summer Reading 2009 - 07/13/09

» This week's update includes Richard and Judy's Summer picks, the best books about music, comics for kids, 50 best summer reads of all time, and a Robert McNamara & Vietnam reading list
For Adults:
Richard and Judy's 2009 Summer Reading Recommendations
LA Times: 60 New Books to Read This Summer Text on the beach - the 50 best summer reads ever
Education Week: An educator's reading list
U. Maryland Smith School of Business's Top 10 Summer Reading List for 2009
Gaper's Block: A Reading List Between Sets: A Guide to the Best Books About Music to Read This Summer Building a Theological Library: Simplicity - A Reading List business titles
HuffPo: Robert McNamara and Vietnam: A Basic Reading List
NRO: Beach-Bag Books
Greg Mankiw's Blog: Summer Reading List suggestions from an economics professor
The InsideCatholic Summer Reading List 2009
America the National Catholic Weekly Summer Reading

Children and Young Adults:
School Library Journal: Comics That Celebrate America's Cultural Diversity
  [ 07/13/09 ]

Summer Reading 2009 - 07/06/09

» This week's update includes the Newsweek top 50/100, an MBA reading list, video game fiction, disabled sleuths, 125 great Southern books, the Ultimate Teen Bookshelf, Best Beachbag Books, and great American biographies
For Adults:
Newsweek: What to Read Now
Newsweek: Top 100 Books: The Meta-List
NPR 3 Books: Red, White And True: The Great American Biography
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Five new baseball books capture the rhythms of the game, Ron Antonucci
Times Online: Val McDermid reviews the latest thrillers
Business Week: Getting In Summer 2009 Books: MBA Reading List
Wired to Care: A Dozen Books to Help You Reinvent Your Business This Summer
Santa Barbara Independent: S.B. Writers Share Their Top Summer Reading Picks
Examiner: A genealogist's reading list
Agee Film: 125 Great Southern Books
Crime Fiction Book List: Disabled isn't Unable: This crime fiction book list includes books and series featuring a character whose physical, emotional or mental limitations figure in the plot or character development of the stories or series
The Catholic Summer Reading Program
The Modesto Bee: Summer Reading: Mystery, action, romance await Your summer reading list
The Greenwood Commonwealth: Three books for summer reading list
The Buffalo News Opinion: Natural history books make great summer reading
Kotaku's 2009 Summer Reading List great work of video game fiction: titles that excel at adding depth to the games they are inspired by, as well as a few that have inspired games on their own
The Capitol Fashionista: The 13 Fashion Books That You Should Have In Your Fashionista Library
An und für sich: Liberation theology reading list a list intended to gives students whole books instead of scattered essays; and not be suicide-inducing in the context of one quarter
The Satellite Sisters: The Best Beachbag Books
Going Green - A Resource for Today's Green Business: Summer's Here; Time to Get Started on Your Summer Reading List and General Reading List
Trent Hamm: My Summer Reading List for 2009
Roy Christopher: Summer Reading List book recommendations from RC, Richard Metzger, Cynthia Connolly, Steven Shaviro, Gareth Branwyn, Peter Lunenfeld, Gary Baddeley, Dave Allen, Patrick Barber, David Silver and Josh Gunn
Outside my Kitchen Window: Summer Reading List Christian Reading For Moms, Christian Reading For Women, General Christian Reading, and Just for Fun

Children and Young Adults:
Young Adults Library Services Association: Ultimate Teen Bookshelf
Tween Whisperer: Summer Reading for Tweens
Junior Fiction/YA Books
University of Maryland: Summer Reading List for Kids - Time to "Go Green!"
NYT: The Best Kids' Books Ever, Nicholas D. Kristof, plus his kids' and readers' suggestions

Bonus: 2009 Southern Reading Challenge

  [ 07/06/09 ]

Summer Reading 2009 - 06/29/09

» This week's summer reading lists include Manga for Grownups, the best in Zombie Lit, the 2009 ALA Youth Media Awards, and the 1st Annual Summer Islamic Reading Challenge
For Adults:
NPR: Summer Nonfiction: True Tales Enlighten, Delight Local authors offer a peek at their summer reading lists
Comment Magazine: A summer feast of books "Accessible starters for those who haven't quite learned to swim in the deeper waters of academia and the formation of the Christian mindset"
Poets and Writers magazine: Summer Reading List Poetry, Novels and Novellas, Classics, Short Stories, Nonfiction, and Memoir
Sacramento Bee: Summer reading list points the way to mystery, action and romance Summer reading: Melissa Katsoulis revisits the books that have most impressed our critics this year and compiles a list - from thrillers to biographies - to see readers through the summer
The News Star: Include these titles on summer reading list business titles 12 Great Manga for Grownups
Angels On Your Shoulder: Ah, it's the weekend and summer reading books about angels, miracles and grace
Grimoire of the Hour: Zombie Lit Hit List
GreetQ: Summer Reading

Children and Young Adults:
2009 ALA Youth Media Awards Everything from the Newbery to the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award
NPR: Great review of Peter Abrahams' Reality Check, with excerpt
Tacoma Public Library: 100 Books Your Child Should Hear before Kindergarten
Smithsonian: Our Story recommended books on American history

Bonus link: 1st Annual Summer Islamic Reading Challenge To encourage Muslim children (and interested non-Muslims) to read and review Islamic children and adult books
  [ 06/29/09 ]

Summer Reading 2009 - 06/22/09

» This week's compilation of Summer Reading Lists includes more from Nancy Pearl, two lists for Christians and Theologians, all-ages Manga, and recommendations for brides-to-be.
For Adults:
NPR: Librarian Nancy Pearl Picks Summer's Best Books
The Boston Globe: The books of summer
Asheville Citizen Times: Summer, and the reading is easy: From worldly to local, new books are bountiful
Seattle Public Library: Staff Favorites: Three more novels for your summer reading
UC Davis: Smart Summer Reading
TheoSource: Summer Reading: What's in Your Stack booklists by Christians and theologians
Unashamed Workman: 100 Recommended Reads divided into parts: For Unbelievers, For New Christians, Defending Your Faith, Bible Studies, The Church, Evangelism, Theology, The Cross of Christ, Baptism, Prayer, For Singles and those Dating, On Marriage, Pastoral Issues, Eldership, The Pastor's Role, For Women, For Men, and Biographies
Examiner: Top 10 + 1 intriguing science books to take on vacation
Read Street: Summer reading: more dirty books
Buzz Sugar: Summer Reading: 12 New Books to Check Out
Women's Enews: Women's Writing Fires Up Summer Reading Lists
Chicago Boyz: Summer Book Recommendations for a Friend
Weddings in Vieques: Excellent Summer Reading Recommendations for Brides-to-Be

Children and Young Adults:
Kansas City Star: Summer reading for tweens Great All-Ages Manga for Young Readers: Kid-Friendly Graphic Novels Full of Fun, Fantasy and Pocket Monsters
Publisher's Weekly: ShelfTalker's Summer Reading List for young adults (annotated shortlist)
School Library Journal: Searching for the Perfect Summer Reading List? The Coretta Scott King Committee offers some terrific choices

  [ 06/22/09 ]

Summer Reading 2009 - 06/15/09

» This week's installment of summer reading lists is long and diverse, including everything from Oprah's recommendations, several library lists, books on design, current events, African-American religious history, barbequeing, and more.

For Adults:
NPR: Independent Booksellers Pick Summer's Best Reads
NYT: The Girls of Summer

When a woman writes a book that has anything to do with feelings or relationships, it's either called chick lit or women's fiction, right? But look at Updike, or Irving. Imagine if they'd been women. Just imagine. Someone would have slapped a pink cover onto 'Rabbit at Rest,' and poof, there goes the ... Pulitzer." - The Commencement

British Fantasy Awards Shortlist
Australian Book Industry Awards 2009 Shortlists
Oprah's 2009 Summer Reading List: 25 Books You Can't Put Down
The Daily Camera: Your summer reading list
Salon: Summer Reading: True Confessions
LA Times 60 New Books to Read This Summer
The Providence Journal: Cool titles for some hot summer reading Hot summer reading: New barbecue books
Fort Worth Star Telegram: Read it: Cool books for a hot Lone Star summer
Chicago Tribune: 33 hot reads for the summer
Houston Chronicle: Hot titles available for summer reading
The Wichita Eagle: Summer reading list Stay cool and delve into a good book this summer>
Foreign Affairs: What to Read on Pakistani Politics
KBUR: Summer Reads '09
Seattle Public Library: Summer reading suggestions
Seattle Public Library: Viewing History through a New Lens history from a fresh angle
Reader's Advisor: The Date's the Thing: Histories of Time Periods I might add A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century and perhaps The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War, 1890-1914, both by Barbara W. Tuchman, (and neither of which I have read)
Nonfiction for your summer reading list Book recommendations from the Beaufort County Public Library
The Sister Project: Sister-themed summer reading
Sisterpedia: Sister-themed fiction
Sisterpedia: Sister-themed nonfiction
Claiming Sisterhood: Women's rights and feminism summer reading list
Author Jen Lancaster's Summer Beach Reading List
East of Midnight: The Long, Hot Summer Reading List African-American religious history and writing
Daily Beast: 5 Hot Summer Thrillers
Design Observer: Books Received: Summer 2009
The Chicago Blog: A Frank Lloyd Wright Reading List, On the Occasion of His Birthday My summer reading list for Barack Obama
Clastic Detritus: Summer Reading List
Reporting on a Revolution: Summer Reading List
Kenneth C. Davis: Summer Reading List With a Twist a historian's summer reading list with: a "water" theme
Flux Publisher Christian Valentiner's summer reading list

Children and Young Adults:
Simple Kids: The List - Children's Literature We Love! Babies & Toddlers through Upper Elementary and Beyond Recommended Reading Lists for All Ages (2 - 18)
Traverse City Area Public Schools: Elementary and High School reading and activity lists
Great green reads for kids: co-books to help your kids understand and care about the environment

  [ 06/15/09 ]

Summer Reading - 06/08/09

» This week's installment of summer reading suggestions. Click the link in the right sidebar for the entire list.

For Adults:
NPR: Celebrating Summer By Opening The Books
NPR: Books Reveal Theater's Behind-The-Scenes Secrets
NYT: Summer Cookbooks
NYT: Gardening Books
NYT: Travel Books
NYT: Visuals: Cover to Cover
NY Magazine: What to read this summer
NYT Magazine: A Summer Reading List for Parents
Boston Herald: Hub notables share their summer reading picks
What's On Your Summer Reading List? Lists of children's and young adult authors and illustrators
Salon: Summer reading: Killer thrillers
Salon: Authors recommend great summer reading Neil Gaiman and others, although the recs are annoyingly in video, not text
Salon: Chick lit
Salon: True confessions
Finding pleasure in summer reading with fiction, fun Corvallis booksellers' recommendations
Musical Cheers A music-themed summer reading list
Superstar librarian Nancy Pearl's 2009 Summer reading list
Lake County News-Sun: Summer reading preview
Early Summer Cocktail Book Reading List books about bartending
Bill O'Reilly: More summer reading choices
Cal State San Marcos' Creative Writing Community: Summer reading list
Amazon: Summer Reading List
AskMen: Top 5: 2009 Summer Reading Picks For Guys
Charlie Gibson's Summer Reading Recommendations
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Summer books: Paperbooks for sizzling, mesmerizing reading
Relevant: Summer Reading Guide
USA Today: 2009 Summer Books
Ottawa Citizen: Great summer reading Alice Munro goes kinky, Canada's youngest multiple killer, and much more
Daily Herald: Summer reading: Feeds your soul, sparks a laugh, or maybe tears
Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Hot summer of reading
U.S. Army Center of Military History Recommended Professional Reading List
QSR: Summer Reading List suggestions for restaurant operators
The New Criterion: Summer reading
Zenpundit: Summer Reading List
Examiner: Summer reading
OMG Girl: Summer reading list
Between Two Worlds: Mohler's Summer Reading Recommendations
Apologetics 315: 3 Apologetics Books for Summer Reading
Oncofertility Consortium: Summer Reading List: Global Perspectives on Reproduction

For Children and Young adults:
Examiner: Baltimore County summer reading lists for high schoolers
The Herald Bulletin: At the Library: Summer reading for children
Florida Department of Education Summer Reading List for Families
Tri-Cities Prep: High School Summer Reading List
  [ 06/08/09 ]

Summer Reading - 06/01/09

» This week's installment of summer reading lists. Remember, you can always access the full list by clicking the link on the right.

For Adults:
WSJ: A Book Lover's Summer
NPR: Suggestions For Summer Reading Debut novels by Minnesota authors make great summer reading
Globe and Mail: The Canadian Forces reading list
Lexgo: Here's a stack of summer reading
Summer releases from Canadian publishers
Computerworld: Summertime Survival Reading
Beaumont Enterprise: Dip into the summer reading pool with these hot book picks
Film Misery: 2009 Summer Reading List books that will be film awards contenders this fall
The Lesser of Two Equals: Reading List for Summer 2009
Ethnosnacker: Ethnographic Reading List
Green Space: Summer Reading List sustainability/self-sufficiency titles
Global Health Blog: Best readings in global health
Execupundit: Summer Reading Summer books: Paperbooks for sizzling, mesmerizing reading
Cultural Offering: Summer Reading List

For Children and Young Adults:
Kansas City Star: Summer reading: Reviews of new kids books
Summer reading: Caldecott Medal recipients were winners with these kids

  [ 06/01/09 ]

Summer Reading 2009

» As many of you know, due to my arm injury I was unable to maintain a list of Summer reading suggestions last year . However, my arm is much better this summer, and so I present you with the first installment of this year's list of lists.

Update: Additions to this list will be posted in the weblog, and be archived on their own page. Just click the link in the righthand sidebar to see the latest entries.

Summer Reading for Adults:
Steven King: Seven Great Books for Summer
ALA: Best genre fiction titles named to 2009 Reading List
The Daily Beast: The 13 Hottest Summer Reads
NPR: Best Fiction For Every Kind Of Summer Day
NPR: On The Hunt For Fabulous Fiction
NPR: For Summer Sleuths: Best Mystery, Crime Novels
NPR: The 10 Best Summer Cookbooks Of 2009
Examiner: Summer reading blockbusters
Examiner: Summertime and the reading is easy: Top five summer reads
Examiner: Sustainable summer reading
Examiner: Summer reading list: Part 1
The Dallas Morning News: Summer Reading Suggestions
The Dallas Morning News: 4 thrillers for summer reading
Newsday: Ten books for summer reading
Central Florida Future: Staff Summer Reading List
STL Today: Summer reading list from SLU libraries
2009 CSAF Reading List (selected by the Air Force Chief of Staff for service personnel)
Bill O'Reilly's 2009 Summer Reading List
Jane Austen Today: My Top Ten Jane Austen Sequels
ID-ology: The books we love most right now (branding and business titles)
One-Read: 2009 List of Suggested Titles

Childrens and Young Adult Books:
List of Lists: Top 10 Summer Reading Lists For Kids and Teens: 2009

Bonus links:
10 Books to Read Before They Hit the Big Screen
15 Influential Early Works of Apocalyptic Fiction (ranging from 1805 - 1941)
  [ 05/26/09 ]

Halloween Themed Reading List: Witches

» Librarygirl posts her Halloween-Themed Reading List #1: Witches. For several years, I tried to read a scary(ish) book during October, but I was disappointed every time. Perhaps Librarygirl can point me in a good direction.  [ 10/05/07 ]

Summer Reading 08-31-07

» (Scheduled for the week I was gone, but my site exploded while I was gone. Here it is two weeks late.) This weekend is officially the end of summer. If you're planning a long, lazy weekend, pop over to your local bookseller for one of the recommendations here and notch another title into your summer reading list.

Young people:

  [ 09/07/07 ]

Summer Reading: 08-09-07

» Can you believe the Summer Reading Lists are still coming?

College Students:

Young people:

  [ 08/09/07 ]

Summer Reading 07-27-07

» This week's roundup of 2007 summer reading.

Young people:

 (3) Comments  / [ 07/27/07 ]

Summer Reading: 07-23-07

» Summer Reading lists for this week:

Young people:

  [ 07/23/07 ]

Summer Reading: 07-20-07

» Another installment of recommended summer reading:

  [ 07/20/07 ]

Summer Reading: 07-17-07

» I've got a 2-week backlog. So as not to overwhelm you with the whole thing at once, here's a modest installment of the latest summer reading lists:

  [ 07/17/07 ]

His Majesty's Dragon

» Well, doesn't this sound fun: His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik. And according to the fine folks at the Williamsburg Regional Library, film director Peter Jackson has bought the rights to it.

I thought about ordering it from the library, but then it occurred to me that I have yet to read the book the upcoming Harry Potter film is based on—I try to stay just one ahead. Upon looking at the cover, though, now I think I did read it. So, now that I'm caught up, I need to decide whether to keep on as I have been, or to quickly read The Half-Blood Prince so that I can read the final book of the series when it comes out. That moment won't happen ever again.

By the way, if you're looking for a steady source of book recommendations, the Williamsburg Regional Library blog Blogging for a Good Book offers about one a day. (1) Comments  / [ 06/27/07 ]

Summer Reading 06-25-07

» This week's roundup of 2007 summer reading.

College Students:

Young people:

 (1) Comments  / [ 06/25/07 ]

Summer Reading 06-19-07

» Summer reading for this week:

  [ 06/19/07 ]

British Women's Novels, 1775-1818

» British Women's Novels: A Reading List, 1775-1818  [ 06/18/07 ]

History of Western Science Reading List

» The History of Science Society Reading the History of Western Science  [ 06/13/07 ]

Book reviews on baking, by bakers

» Here's a find: Reviews of books on baking by amateur bakers. That's terrific summer reading for some of us.  [ 06/13/07 ]

Summer Reading 06-12-07

» This week's summer reading roundup:

For kids and young adults

  [ 06/12/07 ]

Rutgers Reading List

» "The reading list below was composed several years ago by a professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey for the use of his own students. It was then passed along by Rutgers undergraduates to friends at other schools, and has subsequently been circulated among students at a number of colleges and universities as 'the Rutgers reading list."  [ 06/07/07 ]

2007 Summer Reading: 06/05

» The summer reading lists are coming fast and furious now. Here's a roundup of the most recent lists I could find:

  [ 06/05/07 ]

The Shyness Reading List

» The Shyness Reading List [ 06/04/07 ]

More Summer Reading

» More Summer Reading:

  [ 05/31/07 ]

Talk of the Nation 2007 Summer Reading List

» NPR: What to Read This Summer. Suggestions from Salon book critic Laura Miller, blogger Maud Newton, and author ZZ Packer [ 05/30/07 ]

Summer Book List Additions

» Two book lists from NPR: Summer Books from Utah's Remote Librarian and Under the Radar: Books Not to Miss.   [ 05/29/07 ]

Greenopia Guide to the Best Sustainability Books

» Not technically a summer reading list, but I'm categorizing it as such anyway. The Greenopia guide to the best green reads is a full summer's reading for those of you with an interest in this subject.  [ 05/25/07 ]

More Summer Reading 2007

» It's not yet Memorial Day, but the summer reading lists are starting to appear.

For adults:

For children:

For everyone:

If you don't already have one, now is a great time to get a library card. If you have one, now is a great time to put it in your wallet.  [ 05/16/07 ]

Summer Reading 2007

» It's only April, but Publisher's Weekly has already posted their list of hot books for summer. And from it, I'm excited to learn that William Gibson has a book coming out this year! (via wl(1) Comments  / [ 04/11/07 ]

Fall Book previews

» From Waterboro Library, a roundup of recommended new book releases for the Fall [ 09/15/06 ]

Reservoir Noir

» Waterboro Public Library has added new list to their excellent list of books by genre: Reservoir Noir—Mysteries and other fiction with a featured element of intentional submerging, inundating, and flooding of towns, villages, cities, and other places. (1) Comments  / [ 09/08/06 ]

Philip Connors' Summer Reading List

» Philip Connors is a fire lookout by summer, and a freelance writer by winter. NPR asked him to talk about his summer reading list.

Postcards from Ed: Dispatches and Salvos from an American Iconoclast, by Edward Abbey. This book [...] collects a sample of the correspondence of Edward Abbey, the great desert rat and author of the classics The Monkeywrench Gang and Desert Solitaire. As far as I can tell, everyone West of the Mississippi has read the guy, and everyone east of the Mississippi confuses him with a playwright by a similar name. But out here he is either loved or reviled, depending on your viewpoint. His letters are scathing, hilarious, opinionated -- typical Abbey. He writes to his local newspapers with the same passion that he shows in letters to fellow writers Annie Dillard and Tom McGuane.

  [ 08/24/06 ]

Doc Ezra's Top 10 Favorite Books of All Time

» From Need Coffee, Doc Ezra's Top 10 Favorite Books of All Time(1) Comments  / [ 08/14/06 ]

Rachael Mason's Best of 2005 Reading List

» Have you already gotten through that stack of summertime reading? It's time to take a look at Rachael Mason's Best of 2005 Reading List [ 07/26/06 ]

Summer 2006 Business Reading List

» Businessweek Online's 2006 list of business professors' and professionals' book recommendations.  [ 07/24/06 ]

More summer reading for food lovers

» More Summer Reading: For the beach: A feast of culinary novels [ 07/21/06 ]

Tayshas Young Adult Reading Lists

» Young Adult Round Table of the Texas Library Association's Tayshas Reading Lists from 1996 through 2007. ('Tayshas takes its name from the Caddo Indian word meaning "friends or allies." Sometimes written "Texas".) Check out their reading lists for other age groups, too.  [ 07/19/06 ]

Doc Ezra's Summer Reading Lists

» Doc Ezra's Summer Reading Lists from 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001. (Hmm. I'm having a bit of trouble opening these up today. Come back later, maybe. Widgett informs me that their ISP problems are resolved—click away!) (1) Comments  / [ 07/18/06 ]

Summer Reading List from Mickey Pearlman

» A Summer Reading List from Mickey Pearlman, author of What To Read: The Essential Guide for Reading Group Members and Other Book Lovers [ 07/14/06 ]

Books so good you may be tempted to skip work

» NPR Summer Reading 2006: Books so good you may be tempted to skip work [ 07/13/06 ]

Summer books for food lovers

» Summer Books for Food Lovers [ 07/12/06 ]

Mrs. Dittmer's Summer reading list for kids

» Oakland California school librarian Mrs. Dittmer's list of recommended summer reading for kindergarten through 8th grade [ 07/11/06 ]

A Lesbian Summer Reading List

» A Summer Reading List for Lesbians [ 06/29/06 ]

Pitchfork's 2006 Summer Reading List

» Pitchfork's annual Summer Reading List is all about—naturally—rock music and pop culture.  [ 06/29/06 ]

Summer Reading List of Environmental Fiction

» A summer reading list of environmental fiction. Plus two solar cooking cookbooks. It is my dream to someday have a solar cooker and a solar food dehrydrator. We environmentalists sure know how to have fun, don't we? (3) Comments  / [ 06/28/06 ]

A Summer Reading List for Photographers

» American Photo editor-in-chief David Schonauer's summer reading list for photographers, including the best photography book ever written.  [ 06/28/06 ]

51 books for summer reading

» NPR: Standup comedian Leo Allen has decided to read 100 books in 365 days. Here is a list (with some mini-reviews) of the 51 he has read since last fall [ 06/27/06 ]

Summer Reading for Older folks

» A summer reading list for bookworms over 60 [ 06/27/06 ]

Summer Book Recommendations from independent booksellers

» NPR: Swell Books for Summer Loafing. Summer reading suggestions from three independent booksellers.  [ 06/26/06 ]

Summer Reading List for summer cooks

» NPR: Dive into a Sea of Good Summer Food is Bonny Wolf's recommendation to make the most of summer eating.  [ 06/26/06 ]

Salon's Literary Guide to the World

» Armchair travellers alert: Salon is compiling a literary guide to the world.   [ 06/23/06 ]

Summer Reading: Business Skills for Creatives

» A summer reading list in business skills for creatives. Anything you would add (or delete)?  [ 06/23/06 ]

Guardian: Writers' and Editors' Summer Reading Lists

» Guardian Unlimited: Writers' and editors' recommended Summer Reading Lists, including suggestions from Dave Eggers, Antonia Fraser, Kazuo Ishiguro, and George Monbiot.  [ 06/22/06 ]

Summer Reading List Semiotics

» Now read this: Sarah Crown considers the semiotics of the Summer Reading List. What are they really trying to tell us?  [ 06/22/06 ]

A college-bound reading list

» A College-bound Reading List compiled by Arrowhead Library System [ 06/22/06 ]

Lexington High School Library Summer Reading Lists

» The Lexington (MA) High School Library has lists of required reading for all their students and numerous links to lists of pleasure reading for teens [ 06/21/06 ]

A Summer Reading List for Gardeners

» When it's too hot to garden, what's a body to do? Read about gardening, of course.  [ 06/21/06 ]

Fairfax County Public Schools Suggested Summer Reading Lists

» Fairfax County Public Schools Suggested Summer Reading Lists for 6th graders, 7-8th graders, and 9th-12th graders. Nice descriptions of the books listed, except for the last category, which links to various other lists on the Web.  [ 06/20/06 ]

Richard and Judy's Summer Reading List

» Popular British television hosts Richard and Judy have released their Summer Reading List of titles, all by new or breakthrough writers. The "Richard and Judy" effect for book recommendations is apparently equivalent to the "Oprah Effect" here in the States.  [ 06/20/06 ]

Talk of the Nation Summer Reading List

» NPR: 'Talk of the Nation' Summer Reading List [ 06/19/06 ]

Summer Reading: Great Reads

» Great reads. Jane See White eschews the classics and the bestsellers to construct a wide-ranging summer reading list filled with titles you may not otherwise have heard of.  [ 06/16/06 ]

Masuk High School Summer Reading Lists

» Masuk High School Summer Reading Lists for English Department Summer Reading List and History & Social Sciences Department Summer Reading List. There's some good reading on these lists.  [ 06/15/06 ]

A Summer Reading List for Foodies

» A Summer Reading List for Foodies [ 06/14/06 ]

Jewish Family Summer Reading Club

» Here's another family reading club. Philadephia's Auerbach Central Agency for Jewish Education has created a Jewish Family Summer Reading Club focused on Jewish-themed writing for children and adults [pdf].   [ 06/13/06 ]

NPR Summer Reading List by Karen Grigsby Bates

» NPR: Summer Pages for the Mind, Heart and Tastebuds. Karen Grigsby Bates' wide-ranging list of summer reading for adults and young readers ranges from mysteries, travelogues, and biographies, to books about food.  [ 06/13/06 ]

Summer reading list for adults and young adults

» An adult and young adult Summer Reading List by Sarah Bagby, co-owner of Watermark Books & Cafe in Wichita, Kansas.  [ 06/12/06 ]

BC Girls Summer Book Club

» BC Girls is a bookclub for 7 to 8-year-olds, organized by one of the mothers to keep the girls reading over the summer. The article includes a sidebar of suggested books for various ages. "For this month, the selection is Freckle Juice, Judy Blume’s story about Andrew Marcus, a second-grade student who wishes he had freckles and plans to buy a secret freckle recipe from a classmate. This time, the BC Girls are bringing their own recipes for something they’d like to change about themselves."  [ 06/09/06 ]

An Interaction Design Summer Reading List

» An Interaction Design Summer Reading List by Dan Saffer, Senior Interaction Designer at Adaptive Path and author of the upcoming Designing For Interaction. No books here, just a list of PDFs.  [ 06/09/06 ]

A Summer Reading List for Golfers

» They're coming fast and furious now. A summer 2006 reading list for golfers. A reminder: all of the Summer Reading Lists are compiled on one page, always accessible through the link in the sidebar under "Features".  [ 06/08/06 ]

Summer Poetry List

» Summer reading list: Poetry to help pass hot summer days [ 06/06/06 ]

Summer Reading list for Baseball fans

» Sporting A summer reading list for baseball fans [ 05/31/06 ]

FLA Department of Education Recommended Summer Reading

» Florida Department of Education's Just Read site has posted its list of recommended summer reading [ 05/30/06 ]

ALA Summer Reading Lists for Children

» The American Library Association Recommended Summer Reading for Children and their families goes all the way through high school.  [ 05/22/06 ]

Summer Reading List Inaugural

» It's nearly that time again. This year, I'm creating a category for Summer Reading lists, which is linked in the sidebar to your right. To start off, a couple of suggestions for adult readers:

  [ 05/18/06 ]

Children's Summer Reading List Inaugural

» And for young people:

  [ 05/18/06 ]



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