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Blog recommendation: Food Karma Alert

» Here's a great new blog, Food Karma Alert, by a food scientist/chemist who started out working at a major flavor and fragrance company, then left to focus on the policy governing food safety and quality. His formula is simple: identify food policy issues, explain why you should care, and then list a set of action steps you can take to affect that issue. Highly recommended. (via usfp [ 09/21/07 ]

Blog of note: Strange Maps

» Here's a wonderful new-to-me blog for you: Strange Maps. (via br(1) Comments  / [ 06/26/07 ]

I am a slave to my RSS reader

» I have a predictable cycle with my blog reading. Every so often, I severely cull my list of reads in an attempt to regain some control of my time and brainspace. Then my list starts to slowly enlarge as I find and add terrific new blogs, or forgotten old favorites. After a while it's unmanageable again, and I remove half or a third and the cycle begins again.

So, I'm very dismayed to have re-discovered futurist (and WorldChanging co-founder) Jamais Cascio's blog Open the Future this weekend. So interesting—see if you don't become instantly addicted.

And, thanks to Waterboro Public Library Blog, I discovered a new one: Blogging for a Good Book, a blog by the Williamsburg Regional Library that features a book review a day. You can browse past entries by the categories listed in the sidebar and—how smart is this?—at the end of each book review, there is a link to the WRL catalog entry for that book. I've already added Edna Lewis's The Taste of Country Cooking to my Amazon wishlist.

Dear Everyone: Please stop creating compelling content. Much appreciated, thanks!  (3) Comments  / [ 04/09/07 ]

Blog recommendation: Inhabitat

» Inhabitat, by the way, is the best blog I've found in some time, focused on news and products for the green design aficionado.  [ 03/14/06 ]

The Hamlet Weblog

» The Hamlet Weblog is about...can you guess?  [ 02/14/06 ]

Sketch blogging

» Woolgathering is a sketch blog. Someday I want to learn to draw, and maybe paint. Being able to make a few lines on a page or strokes on a canvas and convey in 2 dimensions what exists in 3.... That's like magic to me.  [ 01/27/06 ]



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