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Summer 2006

Philip Connors' Summer Reading List

» Philip Connors is a fire lookout by summer, and a freelance writer by winter. NPR asked him to talk about his summer reading list.

Postcards from Ed: Dispatches and Salvos from an American Iconoclast, by Edward Abbey. This book [...] collects a sample of the correspondence of Edward Abbey, the great desert rat and author of the classics The Monkeywrench Gang and Desert Solitaire. As far as I can tell, everyone West of the Mississippi has read the guy, and everyone east of the Mississippi confuses him with a playwright by a similar name. But out here he is either loved or reviled, depending on your viewpoint. His letters are scathing, hilarious, opinionated -- typical Abbey. He writes to his local newspapers with the same passion that he shows in letters to fellow writers Annie Dillard and Tom McGuane.

  [ 08/24/06 ]

Rachael Mason's Best of 2005 Reading List

» Have you already gotten through that stack of summertime reading? It's time to take a look at Rachael Mason's Best of 2005 Reading List [ 07/26/06 ]

Summer 2006 Business Reading List

» Businessweek Online's 2006 list of business professors' and professionals' book recommendations.  [ 07/24/06 ]

More summer reading for food lovers

» More Summer Reading: For the beach: A feast of culinary novels [ 07/21/06 ]

Tayshas Young Adult Reading Lists

» Young Adult Round Table of the Texas Library Association's Tayshas Reading Lists from 1996 through 2007. ('Tayshas takes its name from the Caddo Indian word meaning "friends or allies." Sometimes written "Texas".) Check out their reading lists for other age groups, too.  [ 07/19/06 ]

Doc Ezra's Summer Reading Lists

» Doc Ezra's Summer Reading Lists from 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001. (Hmm. I'm having a bit of trouble opening these up today. Come back later, maybe. Widgett informs me that their ISP problems are resolved—click away!) (1) Comments  / [ 07/18/06 ]

Summer Reading List from Mickey Pearlman

» A Summer Reading List from Mickey Pearlman, author of What To Read: The Essential Guide for Reading Group Members and Other Book Lovers [ 07/14/06 ]

Books so good you may be tempted to skip work

» NPR Summer Reading 2006: Books so good you may be tempted to skip work [ 07/13/06 ]

Summer books for food lovers

» Summer Books for Food Lovers [ 07/12/06 ]

Mrs. Dittmer's Summer reading list for kids

» Oakland California school librarian Mrs. Dittmer's list of recommended summer reading for kindergarten through 8th grade [ 07/11/06 ]

BN July Online Reading Groups

» Barnes and Noble's July and August Online reading Groups [ 07/10/06 ]

A Lesbian Summer Reading List

» A Summer Reading List for Lesbians [ 06/29/06 ]

Pitchfork's 2006 Summer Reading List

» Pitchfork's annual Summer Reading List is all about—naturally—rock music and pop culture.  [ 06/29/06 ]

Summer Podcasting Lists

» Jon Udell updates the venerable summer reading list by offering his suggestions for a Summer Listening List. He's also created "Summer Listening" tags on and Technorati in the hope that other people will contribute lists of their favorite podcasts.  [ 06/28/06 ]

Summer Reading List of Environmental Fiction

» A summer reading list of environmental fiction. Plus two solar cooking cookbooks. It is my dream to someday have a solar cooker and a solar food dehrydrator. We environmentalists sure know how to have fun, don't we? (3) Comments  / [ 06/28/06 ]

A Summer Reading List for Photographers

» American Photo editor-in-chief David Schonauer's summer reading list for photographers, including the best photography book ever written.  [ 06/28/06 ]

51 books for summer reading

» NPR: Standup comedian Leo Allen has decided to read 100 books in 365 days. Here is a list (with some mini-reviews) of the 51 he has read since last fall [ 06/27/06 ]

Summer Reading for Older folks

» A summer reading list for bookworms over 60 [ 06/27/06 ]

Summer Book Recommendations from independent booksellers

» NPR: Swell Books for Summer Loafing. Summer reading suggestions from three independent booksellers.  [ 06/26/06 ]

Summer Reading List for summer cooks

» NPR: Dive into a Sea of Good Summer Food is Bonny Wolf's recommendation to make the most of summer eating.  [ 06/26/06 ]

Salon's Literary Guide to the World

» Armchair travellers alert: Salon is compiling a literary guide to the world.   [ 06/23/06 ]

Summer Reading: Business Skills for Creatives

» A summer reading list in business skills for creatives. Anything you would add (or delete)?  [ 06/23/06 ]

Guardian: Writers' and Editors' Summer Reading Lists

» Guardian Unlimited: Writers' and editors' recommended Summer Reading Lists, including suggestions from Dave Eggers, Antonia Fraser, Kazuo Ishiguro, and George Monbiot.  [ 06/22/06 ]

Summer Reading List Semiotics

» Now read this: Sarah Crown considers the semiotics of the Summer Reading List. What are they really trying to tell us?  [ 06/22/06 ]

A college-bound reading list

» A College-bound Reading List compiled by Arrowhead Library System [ 06/22/06 ]

Lexington High School Library Summer Reading Lists

» The Lexington (MA) High School Library has lists of required reading for all their students and numerous links to lists of pleasure reading for teens [ 06/21/06 ]

A Summer Reading List for Gardeners

» When it's too hot to garden, what's a body to do? Read about gardening, of course.  [ 06/21/06 ]

Fairfax County Public Schools Suggested Summer Reading Lists

» Fairfax County Public Schools Suggested Summer Reading Lists for 6th graders, 7-8th graders, and 9th-12th graders. Nice descriptions of the books listed, except for the last category, which links to various other lists on the Web.  [ 06/20/06 ]

Richard and Judy's Summer Reading List

» Popular British television hosts Richard and Judy have released their Summer Reading List of titles, all by new or breakthrough writers. The "Richard and Judy" effect for book recommendations is apparently equivalent to the "Oprah Effect" here in the States.  [ 06/20/06 ]

Talk of the Nation Summer Reading List

» NPR: 'Talk of the Nation' Summer Reading List [ 06/19/06 ]

Summer Reading: Great Reads

» Great reads. Jane See White eschews the classics and the bestsellers to construct a wide-ranging summer reading list filled with titles you may not otherwise have heard of.  [ 06/16/06 ]

Masuk High School Summer Reading Lists

» Masuk High School Summer Reading Lists for English Department Summer Reading List and History & Social Sciences Department Summer Reading List. There's some good reading on these lists.  [ 06/15/06 ]

A Summer Reading List for Foodies

» A Summer Reading List for Foodies [ 06/14/06 ]

Jewish Family Summer Reading Club

» Here's another family reading club. Philadephia's Auerbach Central Agency for Jewish Education has created a Jewish Family Summer Reading Club focused on Jewish-themed writing for children and adults [pdf].   [ 06/13/06 ]

NPR Summer Reading List by Karen Grigsby Bates

» NPR: Summer Pages for the Mind, Heart and Tastebuds. Karen Grigsby Bates' wide-ranging list of summer reading for adults and young readers ranges from mysteries, travelogues, and biographies, to books about food.  [ 06/13/06 ]

Summer reading list for adults and young adults

» An adult and young adult Summer Reading List by Sarah Bagby, co-owner of Watermark Books & Cafe in Wichita, Kansas.  [ 06/12/06 ]

BC Girls Summer Book Club

» BC Girls is a bookclub for 7 to 8-year-olds, organized by one of the mothers to keep the girls reading over the summer. The article includes a sidebar of suggested books for various ages. "For this month, the selection is Freckle Juice, Judy Blume’s story about Andrew Marcus, a second-grade student who wishes he had freckles and plans to buy a secret freckle recipe from a classmate. This time, the BC Girls are bringing their own recipes for something they’d like to change about themselves."  [ 06/09/06 ]

An Interaction Design Summer Reading List

» An Interaction Design Summer Reading List by Dan Saffer, Senior Interaction Designer at Adaptive Path and author of the upcoming Designing For Interaction. No books here, just a list of PDFs.  [ 06/09/06 ]

A Summer Reading List for Golfers

» They're coming fast and furious now. A summer 2006 reading list for golfers. A reminder: all of the Summer Reading Lists are compiled on one page, always accessible through the link in the sidebar under "Features".  [ 06/08/06 ]

Summer Poetry List

» Summer reading list: Poetry to help pass hot summer days [ 06/06/06 ]

Summer Reading list for Baseball fans

» Sporting A summer reading list for baseball fans [ 05/31/06 ]

FLA Department of Education Recommended Summer Reading

» Florida Department of Education's Just Read site has posted its list of recommended summer reading [ 05/30/06 ]

ALA Summer Reading Lists for Children

» The American Library Association Recommended Summer Reading for Children and their families goes all the way through high school.  [ 05/22/06 ]

Summer Reading List Inaugural

» It's nearly that time again. This year, I'm creating a category for Summer Reading lists, which is linked in the sidebar to your right. To start off, a couple of suggestions for adult readers:

  [ 05/18/06 ]

Children's Summer Reading List Inaugural

» And for young people:

  [ 05/18/06 ]



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